Warming Winter Spices

Winter is coming, as George R.R. Martin tells us. Although winters are very mild in Cyprus, nevertheless it does get chilly in the evenings and if we’re lucky, we may even get some snow in Troodos and go skiing. Winter is a time for retreating within. We see this in … Read More


TTL Discovering Japan Marcio Abe

Marcio was born and raised in Brazil in 1984 and is of Japanese descent. He has always displayed a keen interest in learning more about the culture of the country of origin of his ancestors.
The opportunity to live in Japan was a challenge he could not leave behind, so, spurred … Read More


Exotic Destinations Far East

For many, travelling is much more than a mere physical experience, it is an opportunity to sample different cultures, broaden horizons and extend personal knowledge; developing a sense of awareness of the infinite variety of life on our planet. The Far East offers an abundance of exotic destinations which are … Read More


East Meets Cyprus

The challenge to find a connection between the philosophies and traditions of the Far East and those of Cyprus initially seemed very daunting. The Far East An English term for those not in the know, one coined in the 12th century apparently and used largely to describe Southeast Asia, East … Read More


AROUND THE WORD – Magical Kyoto

To most discerning travelers, the thought of a trip to Japan is enough to fire their souls with pure inspiration. Japan is a place which can surpass the boundaries of imagination; a place where modern innovative design co-exists in perfect harmony with the beauty and elegance of ancient architecture. In … Read More


European Lakes & Mountains

There are few exotic destinations which combine luxury, beauty, relaxation and wild adventure quite as comprehensively as the top lakes and mountain destinations in Europe. Although they are often underestimated as being suitable for only winter skiing, a lakes and mountain holiday has a lot more to offer than just … Read More


Where Mythology Meets Fairy-Tale

What makes Cyprus a destination of choice by many? It’s not just the expansive rugged coastline whose beauty could be considered unparalleled. You see, Cyprus comes with it a rich history steeped in legendary tales of all things kings and knights, Ottomans and Phoenician, Romans and Egyptians and of course … Read More


AROUND the WORLD Born of a fairytale?

Once upon a time something wonderful happened. If it hadn’t happened, it wouldn’t be told; this is how the traditional Romanian folktales begin. Armed With my battered old book of stories and a copy of 19th century romantic poetry, I travelled to Sinaia in Romania, to a Royal Estate at … Read More


Tales from the Herb Garden the Enchanted Healer

Herbalists are plant-people. They have cultivated a personal relationship with a number of plants, which they’ve come to know intimately, as entities, as healing allies, as friends. Even though herbalists are required to do extensive clinical and medical studies in order to get a degree and be able to practice, … Read More